Monday, January 29, 2007

Groups vs. Networks

A properly organized group can function to bring advantages to its members by providing structure, effective information flow, and chain of command to the communication process. This is important because most groups form to ultimately reach a shared goal. The quality and efficiency of communication between group members is important because it can make or break the ability of the group to be productive in achieving the goal. Normally after deciding the goal of the group the creator(s) then proactively decide what positions are needed within the group and choose the people accordingly to fill the specific roles. The desired structure of the group will depend on the purpose the group is forming and what goal they are attempting to achieve: leisure, work, necessity, or duty. The structure of the group will therefore also affect the communication process and ultimately result in the ability to achieve its goal. To me the most important result of organized group communication is this: when one sends a message the receiver has the authority, ability, and motivation to act on it. It is important to keep in mind that most groups are created to complete a task.

Networks are also a beneficial communication tool. If used properly your network can help you link with individuals through other people in your network. Often these individuals are not direct connections and we would not otherwise be able to connect directly with desired contact without the help of our network. A network branches out through the members to help the networker reach key people in a vast variety of people in positions around the globe. That said I think that a network would be the perfect way to find the ideal individuals to create an organized group.

I am interested in learning and hearing about the ideas you have about both of the above topics. I would like to network with those who share similar thoughts, and eventually I would like to work with others who share similar interests to form a small organized group on the internet.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Tips For Going Green-Product

1. Quantify the distance from where your product harvested, made, manufactured and also to where it is used?
2. How environmentally friendly or Green is your manufacturing process?
3. How Green are your employees
4. If you are not so green are you offsetting?
5. What is the lifetime expectancy of your product?
7. Do you use any post consumer products where possible
8. How can the material be used after it has served its purpose be continued

Things that interest me

Analysis Energuide Housing
Conservation Ethic
Connection to Outdoors
Cradle to Cradle
Energy Efficiency
Energy Security
Energy Star
Environmental Economics
Efficient Appliances
Efficient Fixtures
Geothermal Heating
Going Beyond Sustainability
Green Manufacturing
Green Marketing
Green Interior Design
Insulation Levels
Landscape Architecture
Lifecycle Energy
Local Materials
Low-Emitting Materials
Urban Planning
Natural Ventilation
Noise Polution
On-site Renewable Electricity
Passive Housing
Passive Solar
Planned Communities
Promoting Sustainability Ajenda
Retooling the built environment
Smart Growth
Stormwater Management
Thermal Conductivity
Urban Planning
Recycled Materials
Wastewater Treatment
Water Harvesting
Wind as a Problem and a Solution
Zero Energy

Did you know

SearchPath of Green Search networks with talented professionals in environmental conscious positionsViewing Carbon as a business issue.Why Build Green?Did you know?(information provided by LEED©)
The built environment has a profound impact on our natural environment, economy, health and productivity.
In the United States, buildings account for:
36% of total energy use/65% of electricity consumption
30% of greenhouse gas emissions
30% of raw materials use
30% of waste output/136 million tons annually
12% of potable water consumption

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Green Search a SearchPath International Member Firm Specializing in Headhunting, Third Party Recruiting, Talent Acquisition, Search Consultants

In an effort to ramping up and getting calibrated SPI of Green Search is now attempting to be in as many places on the web as possible