Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Green Build Movment Advances In Brazil

The World Green Building Council welcomes the development of a Green Building Council in Brazil.

Environmental issues and sustainability are highly valued in Brazil, and the emergence of a Green Building Council is keenly anticipated by the local business community.

The Green Building Council Brasil (GBC Brasil) was formed through the joint efforts of business groups focused on the benefits of environmentally sustainable building practices and on the development of a rating tool and certification program. The green building movement in Brazil is also supported by Brazil's academic community who are providing a wealth of knowledge and expertise in sustainable construction.

WorldGBC representative, Guido Petinelli, has been based in Brazil and played a important role in the formation of GBC Brasil to date, and will continue to assist as it develops its organisational structure and implements a rating tool and education strategy.

We look forward to GBC Brasil becoming a member of the World Green Building Council shortly and working together towards a 'Greener' Brazil.

For further infomation on the GBC Brasil contact Thassanee Wanick, email : twanick@wanick.com.

you can read the original post at:http://www.worldgbc.org/default.asp?id=24&articleid=244

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Jason said...

Green Buildings? It is very-very interested me! I probably will buy in Brazil property, may be close to ocean! It is my dream to live near ocean! I prefer to live in clean places and this is good opportunity!