Monday, April 23, 2007

Socrates on Ethics and Organizational Communication

In mid 400 BC Socrates recognized that each time the Greeks communicated verbally they were making ethical decisions. After his realization Socrates recommended the Greeks use a test each time before they opened their big mouths. This test helped the Greeks decide if they should or should not communicate- what a revelation? Socrates called this test the Three Filter Test. So, when involved in Organizational Communication, like the Greeks, could we use this test as a litmus for every workplace interaction?

The Three Filter Test


1.T= Truth- Is what I am about to say the absolute truth?

2.G= Goodness- Is what I am about to say good?

3.U= Usefulness- Is what I am about to say useful?

Socrates said, "if NO why tell me at all?"

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